Congressman Lipinski believes that restoring job growth and America's economic strength are the most important tasks facing our nation today. Thousands of Third District residents are out of work or have seen their hours and wages cut. Just as they continue to fight for their share of the American Dream, Congressman Lipinski is fighting for them and to make sure more do not suffer their fate. He recently issued a five-point jobs plan to get Americans back to work and create good-paying jobs by strengthening manufacturing, modernizing our infrastructure, improving education, leveling the international playing field, and investing in innovation. The Congressman has cosponsored legislation to stop illegal currency manipulation by foreign nations that costs American jobs. The House of Representatives passed his bipartisan National Manufacturing Strategy Act, H.R. 4692, in the 111th Congress to revitalize domestic manufacturing, create jobs, and ensure America is able to provide for its own defense without relying on foreign countries. Having brought home $126 million in the last federal transportation bill, he is fighting to pass a new transportation bill now to put people to work rebuilding our crumbling and inadequate transportation infrastructure. He also continues to lead the fight for Buy American legislation that will ensure our tax dollars are spent at home. Meanwhile, with six unemployed for every job opening, he recognizes how difficult life is for many and has voted to extend unemployment benefits to help those struggling to find work. Congressman Lipinski is focused on ensuring America rebuilds its economy on a foundation of real profits, not creative accounting, financial sleight-of-hand, and mountains of debt.
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