Congressman Lipinski believes America must reduce its dependence on foreign oil, curb emissions that harm the environment and public health, enact policies that lower the high price of energy, and encourage innovation that leads the way toward the green economy of tomorrow and creates jobs. He has worked diligently to protect residents of the Third District from polluters and to ensure the continued health of local natural resources. The historic Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 includes two important measures authored by Lipinski: the H-Prize Act and the BRIGHT Energy Savings Act. The H-Prize Act authorizes over $50 million in cash prizes to spur advances in the use of hydrogen as an ultra-clean alternative fuel for transportation. The BRIGHT Energy Savings Act requires the federal government – the nation’s largest single energy consumer – to use energy-efficient light bulbs in 1,800 office buildings, saving tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. Congressman Lipinski has helped stop pollution of Lake Michigan and has been a strong supporter of measures to improve water quality in the Great Lakes. He was responsible for securing federal funding for a study that identified 20 potential alternative sites where dredged materials from the Cal-Sag Channel could be placed instead of at the Lucas-Berg Pit in Worth. Congressman Lipinski believes that while we must pursue the preservation and enhancement of our environment and move away from reliance on fossil fuels, we have to do so while protecting American jobs and fostering economic growth.

For more information on Congressman Lipinski's work to protect the environment and reduce energy costs, please see the following press releases.