Health Care

Reforming the health care system is one of the most critical tasks facing our nation. The rapidly rising cost of health care is placing an extraordinary burden on individuals, families, businesses, and the government. People need health care, but they are struggling to afford it, especially in these very tough economic times. This has led to a widespread lack of health care coverage for many Americans. As a diabetic, Congressman Lipinski knows personally the need for good health care coverage. That is why he has made it a top priority since taking office to make our health care system work for the well-being of all Americans, not just for the profits of the health care industry. Congressman Lipinski has introduced and is cosponsoring a number of bills that would reduce health care costs, make health insurance coverage more affordable, enable individuals to make more informed decisions, improve the quality of care, prevent wasteful spending, and hold all the players in the health care industry accountable.
For more information on Congressman Lipinski's work to improve America's health care system, please see the following press releases.